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Keynotes & workshops


What other keynote themes would create Inspiration, Empowerment and Results for your event? 


I have lots of great stories and messages that can be customized into keynotes around themes like:

  • Transformation & Change

  • Resilience & Reinvention

  • Leadership

  • Mental Health & Wellness

  • Providing Care & Support (Caregiving)

  • Advocacy

  • Mission & Purpose

  • Building Inclusive Communities


Anything is possible in creating a personalized keynote that will give your

attendees an exceptional experience! Contact me to start the conversation!


"Kimberly is a phenomenal motivational speaker, and her keynote for our conference was outstanding! She masterfully encompassed the themes that had been conveyed during the conference while delivering inspirational stories and insights of her own. She was powerful and moving. Our attendees loved her!

- Deb Bateman, CEO/Cofounder, Empower International

‘It was great to hear a speaker who spoke of a personal journey to self-discovery. Kimberly is very talented and a great speaker. She spoke of moving through what many of us woman face and that is boundaries for men and woman.. rising above people willing to point fingers when things don’t go as planned, and then her graciously moving beyond that a coming out a winner on the end. Very moving.  We need more women speaking on their own personal journeys.’

-Shirleylee Shields, Author

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