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Kimberly Lyall is a dynamic speaker, award-winning consultant, and in-demand instructor who inspires people and changes lives.

Born and raised in Lethbridge, Canada, at the age of 20 years she was given a special Blackfoot blessing "On the Trail of the Buffalo" which guides her journey in sharing lessons she's learned about purpose and personal power.

Kimberly empowers people. She engages her audiences, forming deep connections while taking them on a journey about themselves. She has enthralled audiences around the world for more than 20 years, encouraging people to live courageously and fully.


A visionary leader, Kimberly is known for ground-breaking actions that truly change the world. She uses her extensive experiences in social community development, tourism, economic development and history to encourage leadership and change. Kimberly has experienced incredible highs and lows, ranging from the tragic loss of an employee to suicide following theft, to the fantastic experience of receiving a Governor General’s Award. Supporting her spouse through life-saving surgeries, while also navigating the legal system to advocate for herself against a wrongful dismissal, exponentially tested her resolve. Through surviving many traumas, Kimberly has learned what it takes to rebuild and to thrive.


Kimberly believes in the beauty of each day, and the ability we all have to create impact. Her message is of believing in yourself, making choices, and not taking no for an answer! From tears to laughter, Kimberly shares her trials and triumphs, and will have you cheering for all that life can be!  


For a truly memorable and empowering experience, audiences love Kimberly!



Inspiring & Memorable

Audiences often recall Kimberly’s presentation as the highlight of the event, and remember her stories years later.


Customized to your Theme and Needs

Kimberly ensures that her message is meaningful and relevant to both your audience, and to the goals for your event.


Easy to Work With

Kimberly makes your life easier! She provides everything you need ahead of schedule, arrives to your event early, requires minimal set-up, and engages with your audience pre and post her presentation. She’s even been known to step into the role of emcee and event planner at events on the fly when disaster struck, and these professionals were not available!


A Partner in your Success

Kimberly is not just a speaker – she’s a partner in supporting you to achieve your goals! A servant leader, she loves being part of a collaborative team and brings all she can to every event.


Truly Motivational & Engaging

Kimberly changes lives. She connects with audiences in authentic ways that have them laughing, crying, and reaching deep inside to ask what they really want out of life. She is the inspiration that every gathering needs to feel ready and empowered to take the next steps, what ever they are.

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