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Program Outline

This Program is designed to help individuals conquer their fears so they can confidently speak in public. Examples of public speaking could be a formal speech at a work event, a presentation at work to peers, or a presentation on behalf of the organization in the community.

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Participants will learn techniques and strategies to help them plan, prepare, and deliver presentations with confidence!

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This Program is 9 weeks in length and provides 21.25 hours of instruction.
The Program is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.
Participants’ learning and understanding of Program concepts will be assessed each class through exercises, discussions, and
presentation of homework - short, assigned speeches. During the final class participants will deliver a 15-minute presentation to the class.  
Participants who successfully complete the Program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion: Speaking with Confidence.

Program fee: $899.00 + GST per person

This program meets the criteria for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant and may qualify for funding of up to 2/3 of the program cost.
Applications generally take a month to process so applicants are encouraged to apply early.

*Special Pricing: 10% off for Members of Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, Original Lethbridge Business Breakfast Club, and
Southwest Alberta Women in Business.

Program Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • Methods to manage their nerves and anxiety related to public speaking.
  • The key elements and building blocks of effective presentations.
  • How to define goals and desired outcomes for presentations.
  • How to organize thoughts and information for compelling presentations.
  • How to consider the needs of audiences when developing presentations. 
  • How to confidently use tools like a microphone, and visual/audio aids to support audience understanding and engagement.
  • How to prepare for presentations.
  • How to confidently handle questions during or following presentations.
  • How to confidently deliver impromptu presentations.
  • How to confidently deliver planned presentations.
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