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Meet Kimberly | Kimberly Lyall Motivational Speaker

In a weary world, Kimberly provides hope that there is a way forward.

After surviving a childhood of dysfunction and poverty, Kimberly became a highly respected community leader active in numerous organizations. She was named a CEO at the age of 26 years, but within 2 years one of her employees committed fraud and then died by suicide. While suffering from PTSD, Kimberly rebuilt the organization into a powerhouse, but was fired a few years later when she stood up to harassment.


During the 7-year legal battle that followed, her husband became terminally ill. As they worked with medical teams across Canada to extend his life, Kimberly also reinvented her career. She provided strategic planning, mentorship, and community development support to numerous organizations, led a Governor General Award-winning history project, and instructed leadership and organizational development at Lethbridge College. Innovative approaches and transformational leadership were the keys to her success.


Kimberly’s husband died on November 6, 2021. In the grief that followed, Kimberly recognized the collective grief worldwide from losses related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, she realized the significant challenges for leaders of organizations. Her mission moving forward is to light up these leaders by reigniting their clarity, connection, and confidence!


Kimberly targets what matters. Her stories of seizing opportunities, even while facing incredible pain and struggle, inspires her audiences to make the most of their lives. They leave her presentations refocused, validated, and ready to make things happen!


Kimberly is not Indigenous; however she has received several significant Indigenous honours that influence her life and work. At the age of 20 years Kimberly was given the Blackfoot blessing “On The Trail of the Buffalo”, which speaks to her purpose of sharing stories and life lessons to inspire others. Most recently, Kimberly was given the Blackfoot name Kómmonoi Saamiaki (Blue Paint Headdress Woman), signifying great honour, ability, and responsibility to help others.

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