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MEET Kimberly

My audiences say I leave them feeling full of hope, light, and ready to overcome any obstacle.

I ignite innovative thinking in leaders. My stories and insights create mindset shifts that inspire leaders and their teams to thrive through adversity. Their passion is reignited, their confidence is restored, and they confidently take action! 


Let’s talk about how I can do that for you!

What makes me one of the most memorable and impactful speakers on leadership?

I have been telling stories & changing lives since 1999.

Throughout my journey, I've confronted unimaginable challenges, delving into the depths of darkness. Yet, from these trials, I've cultivated resilience and courage, learning to draw upon them in times of adversity. It's a message I carry with me, weaving it into every keynote, every event, and every speaking opportunity I can.


MY Story

Overcoming professional and personal adversity has led me to a life of sharing my stories with others:


Battling PTSD

By the age of 26, I had risen to the role of CEO and was recognized as a highly regarded community leader. Two years later, my world was shaken when an employee committed major fraud and subsequently died by suicide. While battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I rebuilt our bankrupted organization into a powerhouse.


Unwavering Integrity

My commitment to integrity saw me 'let go without cause' a few years later when I stood up to harassment. During the 7-year legal battle that followed (that I won), I was tested in multiple ways. During that time, I consulted for numerous organizations, taught at Lethbridge College, and led award-winning projects. It was tough, but I was tougher.


The Hardest Journey

Amidst these professional challenges my husband became terminally ill. While working with medical teams across Canada to extend his life for another seven years, I made a political run – a dream he and I had shared for 30 years. Disappointed that I came in second, we later were thankful for the extra time together before he passed away 2 years later.


The Way Forward

I understand of the challenges and complexities that leaders face. Over 25 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations and different levels of government across multiple sectors. Through developing ground-breaking strategies that maximize opportunities, and facilitating deep cultural change within teams, my mentorship of leaders at all levels has fundamentally changed their organizations for the better.

I'm proud to be a collaborative author of "Trailblazer Secrets" and to serve as the 2024 President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Alberta Chapter. I am a YWCA Woman of Distinction, a Governor General Award winner, and Alberta Centennial Medal recipient. As a non-Indigenous woman, I am honored to have received the Blackfoot blessing "On the Trail of the Buffalo" and the Blackfoot name Kómmonoi Saamiaki: Blue Paint Headdress Woman.

I currently call Lethbridge, Alberta home, and when I'm not travelling the world for speaking events, I can be found cuddled up with my miniature dachshund Hydro, enjoying a good book, or exploring the beautiful landscapes of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

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