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Meet Kimberly | Kimberly Lyall Motivational Speaker

MY NAME IS kimberly

I clearly remember being a young girl, standing outside the walls of my basement bedroom with tears of frustration streaming down my face, promising myself that if I ever got the chance to be someone, I’d make a difference. 


I’d fight for all of us who felt unseen and uncared about by the world. 


I’d make it so that kids and families living in poverty or dysfunction could have hope for something better.


I’d tell every person that they matter. 


What I remember most about that moment was the feeling of absolute helplessness. Trapped in circumstances beyond my control, I was like a butterfly in a box desperately wanting to fly.


I have always had a deep desire to be more than expected. To do more, to change the world more, and to inspire others to be all that they have the potential to be!


When I was finally set free to fly, I soared! I’ve lived in England as an exchange student, became a CEO at the age 26, and presented the only unanimously-passed resolution at a world YWCA Conference in Australia. I created an oral history project that won a Governor General’s award, was named a Woman of Distinction, and received the Alberta Centennial Medal.  I’m known for creating ground-breaking initiatives in tourism and community development, and have directly influenced governments at many levels to take actions to improve life in my community. I’ve led international leaderships camps, Canada Day committees, and volunteer efforts across the spectrum. I’ve stood on stages all over the world inspiring people to love life and seize opportunities.


But in learning to fly, I’ve also hit turbulence, crashed and burned. My employee committed fraud, and then suicide. I got fired at the height of my career when I stood up to harassment, and spent 7 painful years in the resulting legal battle. I’ve suffered burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), going from being highly ambitious and competent, to anxious and afraid to leave my house. I worked for 28 years to be ready for a political run, only to lose the nomination. My spouse has been sick for the past 6 years, and through rare surgeries across Canada, we have fought to keep him alive. 


I’ve been disappointed, disillusioned and filled with despair many times. At my worst moments, I have questioned my core beliefs about right and wrong, and wondered if there really is always a reason to have hope.


I don’t know all the answers, but I know this to be true:

  • We are all born for a reason, meant to have purpose and to use our gifts.

  • Each one of us has the power to make choices about our lives. 

  • The word NO only stops you if you let it. 


The summer I was 20 years old I was given a special Blackfoot blessing: “On The Trail of the Buffalo”. This blessing speaks to my purpose – sharing the stories of my incredible life to inspire others to find their purpose and personal power. I believe that all of us have an important place in this world. 


Let me inspire you to live yours.

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