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If you are looking to hire a high-impact, professional speaker whom your attendees will ta


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Powerfully YOU! 

Keys to Self-Leadership

What barriers stop us from demonstrating personal power? What beliefs stop us from leading our life with meaning and success? 


The pressures of working and living in this uncertain world can become overwhelming. Kimberly shares how to face your biggest barriers head on and break through to realize your potential. Through unforgettable stories and examples, you will discover how to be the leader of your own life. Move forward no matter the challenge! 

Audiences will:

  • Consider what self-leadership means to them. 

  • Answer hard questions about taking charge of their goals, choices, and results. 

  • Know how to use the word no to support their success.

  • Gain a new understanding of expectations.


Leadership Lessons from a Surviving, Thriving Widow

In late 2021, Kimberly lost her husband of 25 years following 7 years of caregiving and medical interventions.


From walking through grief, loss, and caregiver burnout, Kimberly developed new perspectives on how we can thrive through pain. In this post pandemic world where everyone has suffered loss and grief, leaders need tools to help themselves and their teams move forward with purpose and peace. Kimberly provides them.


Audiences will discover how:

  • Loss is part of change.

  • Discomfort leads to growth. 

  • Gratitude is a game-changer.

  • Intention and choice give back our power.


Healthy Boundaries: A Leader’s Mindset

Boundaries are critical for productivity and good mental health. Yet, many leaders struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries.


Kimberly has discovered that a mindset shift is the secret to boundaries that support effective leadership and personal success. Through personal stories and experience, Kimberly helps audiences realize the effectiveness and power of healthy boundaries, and how to create boundaries that work. She asks questions to help make time and space for what really matters.


Audiences will:

  • Understand how past experiences derail boundary setting. 

  • Hear why boundaries are important for success and mental health.

  • Be asked 3 key questions to create the mindset for creating healthy boundaries.

  • Have ideas about using personal boundaries to improve self-confidence, focus, and relationships. 

Programs: Half-day to Multi-day

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Programs are customized to meet client needs
Transformational Leadership:
Making Positive Change Happen!

This program helps leaders develop the abilities and confidence to effectively lead and inspire others to reach their full potential.


This program helps leaders:

  • Discover personal leadership assets

  • Master motivation with vision and purpose

  • Gain insights into change, and how to support people through it.

Emotionally Safe Workplaces:
Where people thrive and succeed!
Emotionally safe workplaces are highly desired in this post-Covid world.
This program helps leaders:
  • Explore how emotional safety at work improves outcomes.
  • Examine core elements of emotionally safe workplaces.
  • Develop insights and skills for supporting emotional safety.
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Revolutionary Results:
Empowering innovation and success!
Innovative organizations help people seize opportunities and generate wins.

This program helps leaders:
  • Develop skills to identify and maximize opportunities.
  • Explore approaches to managing conflict.
  • Create a culture of strategic thinking.


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