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Inspirational Keynotes

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall."

-Nelson Mandela


Keynotes that Change Lives

My keynotes are dynamic experiences designed to ignite inspiration, foster growth, and drive positive change. Through my captivating storytelling, actionable insights, and interactive engagement, audiences are empowered to unleash their full potential and embrace transformation.

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Three Unshakeable Truths for Powerful Leadership

This transformative keynote reveals the three unshakable truths that empower leaders to break through personal and professional barriers. Your audience will be shocked by the challenges I’ve faced, then inspired when I share how those experiences created incredible resilience and transformation!


Being unstoppable is a choice! Your powerful potential is unleashed when you choose to fiercely believe in yourself, honour your unique experiences, and know what matters to you most! 


Change is hard but it doesn’t have to hurt! Impactful leadership starts with understanding your past experiences with change, and accepting that even good change includes loss. 


The biggest barrier to success is when you tell yourself no. We have been conditioned to fit in rather than stand out! The solution? Fearlessly channeling your inner teenager to get what you want! 


I share stories to provide examples of overcoming barriers created by crisis and conditioning. These stories include successfully rebuilding an organizing following employee fraud and death by suicide, as well as navigating burnout, job loss, and the death of my husband. Attendees see themselves in these stories and rediscover their courage and strengths.


The key elements to becoming unstoppable are shared as lessons learned from our experiences and are supported by takeaway strategies and tools. These include:


  • Asking 'hard' questions to help attendees understand the impacts of the pivotal experiences that have shaped who they are, and to help prioritize what matters most in their lives.

  • Explaining the psychological and physical impacts of change that make it feel hard. This list helps attendees understand their reactions to change, become better at navigating change, and provide improved support to their teams when leading change.

  • Creating awareness for attendees of how they build their own barriers by telling themselves no, and how this isn't their natural instinct. Teaching them to ask why 'it can work' instead of stating why it won't.

  • Emphasizing that our power is in our choices, and reminding attendees that they always have choices.

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Three Brave Choices for Thriving Through Adversity

Everyone experiences loss and grief, but few of us are taught what to do with it. The leadership lessons I’ve learned through surviving organizational crisis, and my husband’s illness and death, can help anyone coping with adversity. Whether you're facing personal challenges, professional setbacks, or simply seeking to build a more resilient mindset, this keynote will give you the tools and insights to turn adversity into opportunity.


Delve into the heart of what it means to not only withstand the storms of life, but to emerge stronger and more vibrant than ever!


My most difficult experiences taught me three pivotal choices that anyone can make to harness their inner strength, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a life of resilience and fulfillment.


Whether you're facing personal challenges, professional setbacks, or simply seeking to build a more resilient mindset, this keynote will giveyou with tools and insights to turn adversity into opportunity.


  • Learn to harness your inner resilience to not just survive, but thrive through life's toughest challenges, emerging stronger and more vibrant.

  • Explore practical tools and strategies for cultivating resilience, enabling you to navigate personal and professional challenges with grace and confidence.

  • Understand the role of courage in making bold decisions and taking proactive steps towards personal growth.

  • Discover how to identify opportunities that can transform adversity into a source of strength and personal growth.

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Proven Practices from the Social Impact Sector to Revitalize your Business and Boost Profitability

There’s a secret I’d love to share with you… nonprofit and charitable organizations, or the social impact sector, have figured out how to get a lot done with few resources! Many of their values and methods create long-term employee and stakeholder loyalty. 

In my 25+ years of experience working in this sector I’ve learned how these operations create deep value while staying relevant to the communities they serve. In this keynote, I share some of these strategies and best practices, offering actionable insights for organizations seeking to align profit with purpose, while fostering a culture of social responsibility.


People want purpose! Being intentional about your business’ mission, who you serve, and why it matters, will attract employees who feel the same.


Values should influence everything you do. How you do the work is as important as what the work is.


Culture truly does eat strategy. The culture you create in your business has direct impact on how well your employees can deliver. Creating a culture that empowers them to be their best is a win for everyone!


Throughout this presentation I share stories and research to provide examples of how social profit organizations achieve outcomes. These stories include successfully rebuilding an organizing following employee fraud and death by suicide, as well as examples from a variety of social profit clients I’ve worked with.


Tools include practical ideas to test and implement that support employee wellness, improved productivity, improved communication and better work culture.

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THE Audience

Keynotes can be customized to each event and industry as needed.

Keynotes are designed for:






Educational Institutes

Conference Crowd




Professional Tradeshows


Conventions & Seminars

And so many other groups too! Contact Kimberly today to see how a Keynote can benefit your event!

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