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Workshops | Kimberly Lyall Motivational Speaker

 On Personal Growth:

Letting Go – The Letters Exercise


At my lowest point following trauma, I understood what life felt like without hope.


It’s the scariest feeling

I’ve ever had.

Let me take your group

through the exercise that

made all the difference

for me. 

The Big Rocks – Doing what’s Important


Ever feel as though you are being pulled in too many directions? Life can get pretty overwhelming when everyone wants a piece of you, and they expect delivery

regardless of day, time or



Let me share with you the

exercises that have helped me

to identify my priorities, set

boundaries, and give myself

permission to not be perfect.

Researching and Writing
Ocean Rocks

Using Your Voice - Public Speaking for Any Situation


Public speaking still consistently rates as the greatest fear for most people. But – people who conquer that fear become the winners, because their ideas are the ones

that get heard.


Join that group!


Let me share with you my tips

and tricks to feeling comfortable

and confident speaking in front

of others. The power is yours

once you learn how to deliver

your important messages.


Let’s do this!

Beautiful You – Belly Dancing your way to Self Love


Belly Dance is one of the world’s oldest forms of dance, and inspires feelings of radiance and strength in every body. This fun introduction to belly dance offers a safe, women-only environment where all

shapes and sizes are celebrated for their uniqueness and beauty.

Empowerment is only

a shimmy away!

Additional Requirements:

large, open space with


Option: Coin belts for

participants to take home

can be provided

for an additional fee.

Giving a Lecture

On Professional Evolution:

Finding your Purpose – The Litmus Test for Success


Life without meaning isn’t much of a life. We all need a sense of purpose in what we do each day!


Come explore with me the critical foundation for success in any

organization and any life – the Vision, Mission and Values that

create purpose and drive intention.

Smashing Solutions – Why Crazy Works!


We’ve all spent time in brainstorming sessions with the intention of solving problems, or coming up with that great idea that will take us to the top.

But a lot of the time we walk

away with nothing, or ideas

that repeat what we are already



Why? Because we take out the



Tapping into that creative streak

we’ve all got to generate REALLY

outside the box ideas is the first



Come have some fun with me rediscovering your wild side, and

learning how crazy can lead to success!

Group Lecture
Test Tubes

Leading Change – The Best View is from the Driver’s Seat


Change has never been more constant, or more demanding! Success happens when we get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s easier than it sounds! Let me show you how people and organizations who embrace change get to lead the pack, change the world, AND have the most fun.

Car Dashboard View
Formal Boxing

Source or Symptom - Managing Conflict in a Polarized World


Do you dread confrontation? Does the conflict in your life or organization drain your energy and time? Let me share with you my firm belief that conflict represents opportunity! I’ll show you how to identify the source of conflict, rather than symptoms, and we’ll create strategies to make life better.

Rebuilding and Risk Management – The Chinook Tourism Story


Take a longer walk with me through the details that led up to discovering fraud by my employee,

living through the nightmare of

her suicide, and the critical work

of picking up the pieces to start



I’ll share the red flags to watch for,

as well as the hard questions every

organization should ask itself in

managing risks of all kinds.

Maximizing Opportunity – The Coyote Flats Oral History Project Story


How does a casual comment about loving a crusty old guy’s stories turn into an award-winning project? Through vision, leadership, collaboration,

flexibility, a little risk taking,

and a lot of hard work!


Opportunities are everywhere,

but most organizations are not

equipped to do anything with

them. Those that do WIN in

today’s world!


Let me show you how.

Image by Sammie Vasquez


Programs: Half-day to Multi-day

KL VL Gala Apr 2023.jpg
Programs are customized to meet client needs
Transformational Leadership:
Making Positive Change Happen!

This program helps leaders develop the abilities and confidence to effectively lead and inspire others to reach their full potential.


This program helps leaders:

  • Discover personal leadership assets

  • Master motivation with vision and purpose

  • Gain insights into change, and how to support people through it.

Emotionally Safe Workplaces:
Where people thrive and succeed!
Emotionally safe workplaces are highly desired in this post-Covid world.
This program helps leaders:
  • Explore how emotional safety at work improves outcomes.
  • Examine core elements of emotionally safe workplaces.
  • Develop insights and skills for supporting emotional safety.
Image by Wonderlane
Revolutionary Results:
Empowering innovation and success!
Innovative organizations help people seize opportunities and generate wins.

This program helps leaders:
  • Develop skills to identify and maximize opportunities.
  • Explore approaches to managing conflict.
  • Create a culture of strategic thinking.
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