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"If you are looking to hire a high-impact, professional speaker whom your attendees will talk about long after your event, look no further than Kimberly Lyall. Her presentation was engaging, heartfelt and extremely well-received."

- Ashley Walker & Whitney Bullock, Pink Tie Events Inc.



Breaking Barriers

What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you afraid? We all have barriers to living the life we want to live; fears that keep us from becoming the person we’ve dreamed of being... 


I’ve been there, and it sucks.


That can change! YOU hold the power. 


Let me share with you how knowing who you really are, using the power of NO to your advantage, and letting go of fear can open the doors to a remarkable new life! 

Woman Walking in the Field

on the trail of the buffalo

When I was 20 years old, a Blackfoot Elder blessed me with the words “On the Trail of the Buffalo”. It’s been a journey of self discovery through pain, hardship, and ultimately joy, to discover what these words mean. 


We are all born with purpose. Finding it, and having the courage to use it, is what gives our lives meaning. 


Let me share with you the story of how a lonely, fat and ugly little girl realized her dream of becoming a princess. Even more important, she learned how powerful she could actually be.


Let me inspire your own story!

Key to Success

Finding Awesome Joy

We all have the potential to be awesome and experience great joy.


But how can you feel joy when the world seems to be crashing down around you? Illness, job loss, aging parents… when “bad things” happen, it can be devastating. 


What if I told you that joy can still be found, even in the worst of circumstances? 


The secret is knowing how to find it. 


Let me share with you how overcoming the shame of asking for help - via a Go Fund Me Campaign to support getting the rare surgery that saved my husband’s life - lead to one of the most joyful, awesome, and powerful experiences I’ve ever had.

Holding Hands

burning bright

I’ve always loved how the lighting of a single candle makes everything seem brighter and more hopeful… How the light and the heat of the flame make anything seem possible.


Celebrations are the perfect time to believe in endless possibility!


Designed for special events such as awards presentations, graduations or celebration dinners, this keynote is shorter in length and adds the perfect, inspiring touch. Send your guests home with an unforgettable memory and light in their hearts!


"This experience has been a complete eye-opener to me as to how much I can actually achieve in my life because up to now I just had dreams which I never believed I could put into practice. You have made a great influence on my life."

- Sonia, England

"On the Trail of the Buffalo... what an amazing story! You touched my heart

and taught me a life lesson."

- Karlijn, Holland

"If you are looking to hire a high-impact, professional speaker whom your attendees will talk about long after your event, look no further than Kimberly Lyall."

- Ashley Walker & Whitney Bullock, Pink Tie Events 

Showcase of Women in Business

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