Hi I'm Kimberly.

I'm sharing the stories of my incredible life to inspire others to find their purpose and personal power. I believe that all of us have an important place in this world. 


Let me inspire you to live yours.

Public Speaker | Kimberly Lyall Motivational Speaker

What can Kimberly do for you?

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Every one of us was born for a reason.


Every one of us was born with gifts, talents and abilities that we are meant to share.

Let me help you discover yours.


Insights are all around us, if we are open to the opportunities to better understand ourselves and our lives.

The easiest answer isn't always the best answer. There are lots of solutions to problems. The key is finding the best solution.


“As you related your experiences, your listeners realized their opportunities, their responsibilities, their true potential.  You changed lives.”

- Past District Governor Lion Gordon Ziegler, Saskatchewan, Canada

"You are incredibly special. There are very few people that make such a wonderful and positive impact on the people around them the way you do."

- Ian Holliday, Project Director, Sea to Sky Meeting Management, Vancouver, Canada